Teachers Training

In order to support teachers to implement the project in the classroom, teachers desiring to implement have been trained by the consortium partners.

The training aiming to ensure the sustainable implementation of the project in the classroom focused οn topics such as:

  • main project areas aligned with the core curricula proposed by the Council of Europe, in particular the Conceptual Model of Digital Citizenship Education and the Reference Framework for Democratic Culture
  • main objectives of the project Digital Resistance
  • introduction to topics related to fake news, misleading and misinformation, manipulation, discrimination
  • methodological approach for the implementation in the classroom
  • methodological and functional tools for the implementation in the classroom
  • The Digital Handbook

After the training, a permanent support to teachers was offered by the consortium partners as a help for involving their students into activities promoting the project objectives.

Digital Resistance
Digital Resistance is a project funded by the Council of Europe and European Commission Joint Programme Democratic and Inclusive Culture in Operation (DISCO). Launched in April 2018, the project builds on the Council of Europe’s framework Competences for Democratic Culture as well as the European Union’s Digital Competence Framework for Citizens aiming to promote digital citizenship.

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