Partners meetings

During the implementation period, the project partners meet to assess progress and plan next steps.

Strasbourg, France

16th – 17th of April 2018

The Launching meeting for both projects Digital Resistance and CoLab funded by the Council of Europe and the European Commission Joint Programme DISCO (Democratic and Inclusive Culture in Operation) was held in Strasbourg, France.

The strategic framework of the European program, the main training axes proposed by the European Council, and the main objectives and outputs are discussed during the meeting.

Hannover, Germany

15th – 16th of October 2018

The University of Hannover, Germany, held the first meeting of the consortium partners to discuss and finalize the Digital Handbook.

The Digital Handbook relates to key education axes proposed by the Council of Europe: in particular the Conceptual Model of Digital Citizenship Education and the Reference Framework for Democratic Culture and it will be the key framework for teachers’ training that will follow in the next months in all participating countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Romania).

After the training, qualified teachers will implement classroom activities with their students to identify and deal with “fake news” and issues related to misinformation and discrimination.

Pavia, Italy

11th – 12th of April 2019

The second meeting of the consortium partners was held at the University of Pavia, Italy. The meeting also brought together teachers from all five countries that implemented the program in their classrooms (Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Romania).  Teachers presented their experience of both the training they received from the consortium partners before application in the classroom as well as the implementation with students in the classroom. The teachers’ experience was very useful for the evaluation of the Digital Handbook.

Athens, Greece

27th -28th of June 2019

In Athens the consortium partners discussed the conclusions from the implementation of the project in schools of the five countries as well as the best ways to incorporate them into the Digital Resistance Handbook.

Further working steps of the project and dissemination activities are also planned during the meeting.

Brussels, Belgium

10 October 2019

The final conference to the Joint Programme “Democratic and Inclusive School in Operation” (DISCO) held in Brussels on 19 October 2019. Main results and key impact of the 9 projects implemented under the Joint Programme highlighted during the conference.

Concerning the Digital Resistance project, more specifically, achievements, students’ assignments, examples of outputs as well as challenges faced, follow up and sustainability were presented by the project coordinator.

Digital Resistance
Digital Resistance is a project funded by the Council of Europe and European Commission Joint Programme Democratic and Inclusive Culture in Operation (DISCO). Launched in April 2018, the project builds on the Council of Europe’s framework Competences for Democratic Culture as well as the European Union’s Digital Competence Framework for Citizens aiming to promote digital citizenship.

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