Leibniz University of Hannover

Hannover, Germany

Schlosswenderstraße 1
30159 Hannover

Project Leadership:
Dr. Moritz Peter Haarmann

Project Management:
Richard Heise
Tel.: +49 511 762 17318

Additional material for teachers

Find, below, complementary supporting material for the implementation of the project in the classroom.

Einführung und Übungen für den Schulunterrich

Link στο αρχείο Teaching_Preparation_German.pdf


StudenplanungFake News

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Students’ Outputs

During the implementation period of the project Digital Resistance, students from the German associated schools produced digital outputs reflecting their research findings on the main project topics.

Fake News “New Year”                Description (English   German)

FakeNewsNewYear.pdf                                                     TextEnglish.pdf    TextGerman.pdf



Messerangriffe                               Description (English   German)

Messerangriffe.pdf                                               Messerangriffe_English.pdf            Messerangriffe_German.pdf


Invented story about the death of a refugee in Berlin                    Description (English   German)

Refugee_Death.pdf                                                                                              Refugee_Death _English.pdf        Refugee_Death _German.pdf


Gilets Jaunes                                   Description (English   German)

Gilets Jaunes.jpg                                                  Gilets Jaunes _English.pdf              Gilets Jaunes _German.pdf


Muslims against Christmas Tree            Description (English   German)

Christmas Tree.pdf                                                          Christmas Tree _English.pdf           Christmas Tree _German.pdf


Racist attacs in Chemnitz             Description (English   German)

Racist_Chemnitz.pdf                                                         Racist_Chemnitz_English.pdf            Racist_Chemnitz German.pdf


Spread of tuberculosis and scabies by refugees        Description (English   German)

Tuberculose.pdf                                                                           Tuberculose _English.pdf   Tuberculose German.pdf

Digital Resistance
Digital Resistance is a project funded by the Council of Europe and European Commission Joint Programme Democratic and Inclusive Culture in Operation (DISCO). Launched in April 2018, the project builds on the Council of Europe’s framework Competences for Democratic Culture as well as the European Union’s Digital Competence Framework for Citizens aiming to promote digital citizenship.

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